Old Time Beef Strew

I have made my first attempt at making beef stew and it was delicious AND easy. I can read and I use recipes all the time. I’m not too good at creating recipes and I really love other people’s cooking but I enjoy eating other peoples cooking more. Since I cannot be with every cook [...]

Brined Turkey

I followed the tricks and tips from amazingribs.com to make my turkey on the grill this year, it was awesome, you could do the same in the oven and skip the grill, but doing it outside frees up your oven for lot s of other things, like stuffing and pie!! Next time you cook a [...]

Seasoning isn’t always a complex mixture of herbs and spices.  More often than not, it’s a simple salt and pepper combination.  When I was taking culinary in high school, one of the earliest lessons we had was the importance of seasoning everything, more specifically, how salt can truly bring out flavors.  It’s important to remember [...]


I’ve been a cook for about 7 years, yet I had never tried bruschetta.  Weird, right?  I’m not typically a huge fan of tomatoes, but I’m down to try anything, especially if you smother it with cheese.  Well, my girlfriend and I decided to make it from scratch.  We grabbed a recipe online to use [...]


  I was working overtime, and came home to one of the best smells possible:  homemade cheesecake!  I walked into my apartment to find my girlfriend hard at work making this beautiful creation.  Talk about a nice thing to walk into!       This sucker was layered.  She started with a homemade peanut butter [...]